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About Us

Our Story

We started our journey in designing and crafting residential and commercial furniture 30 years ago in Brisbane.

From the beginning, we believed that every person is unique but shares one thing in common – the need for a comfortable, personalised work and living space.

This inspired us to create more exciting workspace that are dynamic and functional - an environment which promotes health, optimal movement, efficiency, success and happiness.

Our standard started with our customers - their height, their activity, their daily function and above all, their well being in that space.

Fast forward 30 years, customers are demanding more from their workspace with an increased focus on ergonomics, technology, space optimisation and health.

Our Values

Innovation and technology

Everyone talks innovation and technology, we ask questions. Do our products meet our customers’ needs today and tomorrow? And because needs change over time, we listen, ask questions and continuously seek from the market the best technology and cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Environmentally conscious, always.

We plant a tree for every desk... Together we are giving back, one desk at a time. We’re dedicated to empowering and inspiring everyday thinkers and achievers, making their workspace more environmentally friendly. It is our responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it. So, we count all the desks that we sell each year and simply donate enough money out of our desk sales to plant one tree here in Queensland for every desk sold.

We are here to serve.

From the moment our customers contact us, our entire energy and attention goes with making them happy. We ask, listen and act. We help our clients win and we always put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. We want to make sure that our clients have the best experience now and in the near future. Why? Because we care about our customers and we feel like we are in this together. It’s what makes us holistic.

Our Mission

We have a Holistic mission.

Everything we do is weighted against a singular goal. To champion humans through movement and clever workspaces.

The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes such as strength and endurance - it plays a major role in emotions, harmony, learning and relationships.

We know the body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable.