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What is my desk specification? How strong is it?

Are your desktops eco-friendly? Where are they made?

What is flatpack delivery?

Does my desktop arrive pre-drilled?

Is your sit and stand desk hard to install?

Will you assemble my desk for me?

Do you offer custom sizes?

Do you provide cable management accessories with your desks?

Can I upgrade my desk with your accessories at a later stage?

How much weight can your desks support?

How do I adjust the height of my sit/stand desk?

I am moving and was thinking of disassembling my desk to make it easier. Can I?

Do you offer custom products or bulk pricing for my organisation?

Do you have a referral program?


What forms of payment do you accept?


Do you offer free shipping?

What are my shipping options?

Where is my desk coming or getting shipped from?

How long will my desk take to arrive?

What if my order gets damaged while in transport?

How do I track my order?


What is your return policy on your desks?

What’s the return process?


My desk stopped working. Is something wrong?

What happens if there's a problem with my desk while under warranty?


How can I clean my sit-stand desk?

Do I need to service my desk?


My question isn't listed, how do I contact you?