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Design it. Customise it. Accessorise it. Love it!

Our vision has always been to create much more than a height adjustable sit to stand desk. Every built-to-order Holistic Desk is personalised. We don't build desks for everyone. We build desks for individuals.

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Our desk features

Feature Icon 120kg Lifting Capacity

120kg Lifting Capacity

Feature Icon Fast 40mm Per Sec Max Speed

Fast 40mm Per Sec Max Speed

Feature Icon 3-Stage Legs

3-Stage Legs

Feature Icon Advanced Frame Design

Advanced Frame Design

Feature Icon Height Adjustable Range 660mm - 1310mm

Height Adjustable Range 660mm - 1310mm

Feature Icon Width Adjustable Range 1075mm - 1800mm

Width Adjustable Range 1075mm - 1800mm

Our desks in use:

Personal power!

From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. Therefore, we sourced the OE product range to power people’s lives at home, in the office or just in between. Our in-desk, on-desk, under-desk solutions keep you powered wherever you are!

Sleek and stylish

Quiksilva on-desk power rail unit comes with a C-clamp that can be mounted anywhere on the edge of your work surface. The sleek and compact design of this power rail offers tremendous convenience and fast charging while enhancing the minimal design of your home office. It's available in white or black.

Touch Memory Control Panel

  • Digital LED Display

  • Easy Height Memory Settings

  • CM/INCH Conversion