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Natural Oak Orga-Store Drawer


Introducing the ORGA-STORE Home Office Drawer Set – Elevate Your Workspace with Unmatched Excellence!

Crafted to redefine your storage experience, the ORGA-STORE drawer set is not just high-end; it's simply the best drawer you'll ever own. Designed and meticulously made in our Brisbane workshop, this drawer set embodies minimalist elegance and modern functionality, offering the perfect storage solution for your home office.

Key Features:

  • Local Craftsmanship: Proudly crafted in Brisbane, the ORGA-STORE drawer set reflects the superior craftsmanship of our local artisans. Every detail is infused with the precision and care that defines our workshop.
  • High-End Excellence: Elevate your home office with a drawer set that stands out in terms of quality and sophistication. The ORGA-STORE is a testament to high-end excellence, setting a new standard for your workspace.
  • Premium Materials and Hardware: Constructed with the absolute best materials available, the ORGA-STORE features German-made Hettich silent system drawers for smooth, noise-free operation. The Swiss-made Lamello connecting system ensures a super-strong yet light unit, making it effortlessly movable with our high-quality casters.
  • Versatile Storage: The two top drawers are designed to effortlessly accommodate all your larger devices, note pads, and tools. The bottom drawer provides the depth needed for larger items, offering a versatile storage solution tailored to your specific needs. Bottom drawer can optionally be made into a filing drawer. Metafile system is optional extra $149.
  • Lifetime of Furniture Warranty: We are confident in the design, functionality, and construction of the ORGA-STORE, which is why we proudly offer a lifetime warranty. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • Effortless Mobility: Move your workspace seamlessly with high-quality casters, allowing you to adapt your environment to suit your changing needs.

    Transform your home office into a haven of organization and sophistication with the ORGA-STORE Home Office Drawer Set. Invest in the best, and experience a new level of excellence in storage. Order yours today!

    ColorWhite & Natural Oak Ravin Front

    Natural Oak Orga-Store Drawer


    Product Information


    ORGA-file Mobile Cabinet: Elegance and Functionality Redefined

    Introducing the ORGA-file mobile cabinet—an embodiment of innovation, elegance, and functionality. Crafted with the latest furniture connectors and featuring German-engineered Hettich soft-close drawers, this mobile cabinet is designed to elevate your workspace. Here's why the ORGA-file is a perfect harmony of style and practicality:

    Key Features:

    1. Innovative Furniture Connectors
    2. German-Engineered Hettich Soft-Close Drawers
    3. Versatile Mobility
    4. Solid Construction
    5. Harmony with Holistic Desk Space

    Available Finishes:

    • Choose from four finishes to complement your aesthetic preferences and seamlessly integrate with your desk space:

    Why Choose ORGA-file Mobile Cabinet:

    • Elegance and Functionality
    • Premium Components
    • Versatile Design

    Elevate Your Workspace:

    Upgrade your workspace with the ORGA-file mobile cabinet—an exceptional blend of innovation, style, and practicality. Revel in the luxury of German engineering and enjoy the seamless integration of versatile mobility. Transform your workspace into a haven of elegance and functionality with the ORGA-file mobile cabinet.


    Elevate Your Workspace with the ORGA-file Mobile Cabinet: Perfect Compatibility, Durability, and Craftsmanship

    Discover the perfect companion for your new holistic desktop or bundles—the ORGA-file Mobile Cabinet. Crafted for compatibility, durability, and unmatched craftsmanship, this filing cabinet is designed to last a lifetime. Here's why the ORGA-file stands out as the ideal choice for your workspace:

    Key Features:

    1. Compatible Finishes
    2. Strong and Durable
    3. German-Engineered Soft Close Drawers
    4. Legal Size A4 Filing Cabinet
    5. 100% Responsible Wood Sources
    6. Made in Brisbane

    Why Choose ORGA-file Mobile Cabinet:

    • Perfect Compatibility
    • Durability Beyond Expectations
    • German Engineering for Elegance
    • Environmental Responsibility
    • Local Craftsmanship

    Upgrade Your Filing Experience:

    Transform your workspace into a haven of organization, elegance, and sustainability with the ORGA-file option into your mobile cabinet (Additional extra). Choose compatibility, choose durability, choose craftsmanship. Elevate your filing experience with the ORGA-file—a filing system that goes beyond expectations.

    Technical Specification

    Technical Specification for OrgaStore Drawers:

    General Dimensions:

    • Height (H): To Be Announced (TBA)
    • Depth (D): To Be Announced (TBA)
    • Width (W): To Be Announced (TBA)

    Drawer Features:

    • Drawer Type: Hettich Innotech Atira Soft Close Drawers
    • Extension: 420NL Full Extension
    • Loading Capacity: 30kg per Drawer, Total 90kg

    Caster Details:

    • Casters: 5 in Total


    • Laminate: Polar White and Black Matt Finish
    • Supplier: Polytec

    Additional Information:

    • The OrgaStore drawers feature Hettich Innotech Atira soft-close drawers with a 420NL full extension for smooth and silent operation.
    • Each drawer has a loading capacity of 30kg, providing a total of 90kg for ample storage of various items.
    • The set of 5 casters, including 2 lockable casters and 1 anti-tilt caster, ensures easy mobility and stability.
    • The Polar White and Black Matt finish by Polytec adds a modern and stylish touch to the drawers, making them suitable for diverse office environments.

    Note: The dimensions (H, D, W) are currently marked as "To Be Announced (TBA)" and will be updated with specific measurements upon release or availability.


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