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Easy Plug Power Basket x 6


Introducing the EASY PLUG Power Basket 6: Revolutionizing Desk Power Management

Unleash the power of simplicity with the EASY PLUG Power Basket—a game-changer in desk power management. Here's why you need this revolutionary solution for your workspace:

  • Effortless Installation: No more dealing with brackets, clips, or complex parts. The EASY PLUG Power Basket simplifies the installation process, allowing power sockets to effortlessly 'click' into place on the face or back of the basket.

  • Streamlined Cable Management: Bid farewell to tangled and messy cables. All your cables and leads neatly plug directly into the EASY PLUG Power Basket, providing an organized and clutter-free environment right below your desk.

  • Single Power Point, Multiple Possibilities: Maximize efficiency with the EASY PLUG, where a single power point becomes the epicenter for 6 power sockets within the basket. Connect and power up your devices seamlessly with ease.

  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Experience the ultimate 'Plug and Play' convenience. The EASY PLUG Power Basket simplifies the entire process, making it as easy as it sounds—just plug in and start using. No fuss, no complications.

  • Efficient Power Solution: Enjoy the efficiency of a power solution that not only works seamlessly but also enhances the aesthetics of your workspace. The EASY PLUG is designed for both functionality and style.

Upgrade your desk power management with the EASY PLUG Power Basket 6—a revolutionary, plug-and-play solution that brings simplicity, efficiency, and a touch of innovation to your workspace. Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to a new era of organized, hassle-free power management.


Easy Plug Power Basket x 6


Product Information


Introducing EASY PLUG Power Basket: A Revolutionary Cable Management Solution

Elevate your workspace with the groundbreaking EASY PLUG Power Basket—a cable management system that redefines the standards of speed, strength, versatility, aesthetics, and configurability. Unmatched in its innovation, the EASY PLUG stands out as the smartest basket on the market, offering a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication.

Key Features of EASY PLUG Power Basket:

  1. Speed of Installation
  2. Strength and Durability
  3. Versatility Redefined
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  5. Configurability at its Best
  6. Thermal Overload Protection
  7. Less is More Philosophy

Upgrade to the EASY PLUG Power Basket—a revolution in cable management that prioritizes speed, strength, aesthetics, and configurability. Experience the next generation of connectivity solutions, where innovation meets simplicity. Redefine your workspace with the smartest basket on the market—choose EASY PLUG for a seamless and organized cable management experience.


Seamless Connectivity with EASY PLUG Power Basket: Effortless Installation, Click-In/Click-Out Convenience

Experience a new era of cable management with the EASY PLUG Power Basket—a solution that not only saves you time during installation but also offers unparalleled convenience for re-configurations and adjustments. With all leads and cables terminated within the power basket itself, the 'click in/click out' installation ensures fast and easy modifications whenever needed.

Key Features of EASY PLUG Power Basket:

  1. Terminated Cable Connection
  2. Time-Saving Installation
  3. Click-In/Click-Out Convenience
  4. Fully Connected and Ready to Mount
  5. Simplified Dismantling Process

Upgrade to the EASY PLUG Power Basket—a cable management solution that redefines simplicity and efficiency. Whether it's the initial setup or future adjustments, EASY PLUG empowers you with a seamless experience. Streamline your workspace connectivity and enjoy the benefits of a system designed for flexibility and ease of use. Choose EASY PLUG for a future-ready and hassle-free cable management solution.

Technical Specification

EASY PLUG Power Basket Cable Management System Technical Specification:

Basket Construction:

  • Engineered with a combination of 3mm square wire for flexibility and 4mm square wire for unparalleled sturdiness when installed. Basket is 950mm wide, 130mm high and 97mm deep. Each basket has the ability to be retro fitted with up to 20 quikfit power sockets.

Power Sockets:

  • Auto-switched for a clean look and efficient operation, providing a seamless and organized power solution. Commercial grade - All of the sockets are rated at 10A 250V.
  • 20A GST connectors suit Wieland GST cabling which is low profile and re-wireable.
  • Soft wired QikFIT comes with GST male and female connectors allowing for multiple QikFITs to be daisy chained.
  • Hardwired QikFIT is supplied with a sturdy 20A cable with an Elsafe J-Coupler, allowing for power to pass through the J-Coupler and feed the QikFIT.
  • The four gang QikFIT incorporates multi directional sockets to allow for an array of chargers and plug packs.
  • Qikfit Series Approval No. NSW 23497. The GST connectors incorporated into the QIKFIT are compliant to standards IEC 61535 and AS/NZS 61535.

Socket Configuration:

  • Multi-directional sockets on the 4-gang EASY PLUG Power Basket, allowing for simultaneous use of various chargers and plug packs.

Installation Couplers:

  • Soft-wired installation couplers for quick and easy changes, offering flexibility to adapt to different spatial requirements at work, home, or in between.

Wire Flexibility:

  • Designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating the dynamic power needs of modern workspaces.


  • Suitable for a range of spaces, ensuring adaptability for diverse environments and setups.


  • Sturdy construction with 4mm square wire, ensuring long-lasting and reliable cable management.

Space Optimization:

  • Provides a clean and organized solution for cable management, optimizing space and minimizing clutter.


  • The technical specifications highlight the key features and benefits of the EASY PLUG Power Basket Cable Management System, emphasizing its design, functionality, and adaptability to various spaces.


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